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Effective Electro Acupuncture Pain Protocols For Fast Relief

Do you want to know effective Electro Acupuncture pain protocols that produce fast relief for your patients?  

As Acupuncturists we have the power to stimulate our patient’s production of an all-natural form of internal Opioids (B-Endorphin)?  This gives us the power with our medicine to provide the much needed relief for patients’ who are suffering from pain.

It can sometimes be overwhelming trying to determine what treatment protocol will work the best. In this short video I go over step by step some of my best Electro Acupuncture Pain Protocols that have served me well over many years.

When you watch the Acupuncture training video below you’ll see diagnostic examples as well as the treatment protocols for each.

Are these Electro Acupuncture Pain Protocols Difficult To Administer?


Many practitioners are surprised by how simple this protocol is. In fact we are able to treat any type of pain using just 3 possible diagnostic patterns.

By the end of the video you to be able to treat any pain, anywhere in the body via the use of the acupuncture channels as well as a couple neurotransmitters. It is very easy, yet typically achieves fast results that can be considered safer and more effective than over the counter medications.

VIDEO: Acupuncture Class | Electro Acupuncture Pain Protocols For Fast Relief

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc