Important: As of Tues March 8th this is now our old membership site login page. Please read the following message:

To enhance your experience as a valued client and student of Electro-Acupuncture Medicine we have created a New Upgraded Membership Site.  Please read this full message to prevent any unnecessary impact on your course access as we make every effort to transition you smoothly to the new site.

On Monday March 7th at roughly 7PM EST we will have your new account created for the new membership site.  The new site will be accessed through an entirely new login page and you will be issued new account login credentials.  When your new account is created you will receive an email and a text message.  We highly recommend you add to your “contact list” in the email you used to purchase and access your existing courses. This will help assure your new account credentials don’t land in spam or gmail promotions folders.  Once you have received your new login credentials any courses or events you currently own should be unlocked and accessible for you in our new membership site. 

We recommend accessing your courses and events through the new membership site as soon as we have created your account and you have received login credentials.

However it’s important to note that in order to insure we do not disrupt your access to any courses or events you currently own our original membership site will remain active until further notice.

If you are reading this message well past March 7th @ 7PM EST , and you did not see your new credentials, you may go to the new members login page and use the “Forgot Password” feature.  Do that RIGHT HERE.  

Again please be sure to check spam and gmail promotions folders.  If you still are unable to recover your credentials for the new site email us at

On a final note.  The only downside to this migration is that your existing “course progress” in our old membership site will not be logged in the new site.  In other words if you are halfway finished with a course in our current site, it will appear as if you have not started that course in our new site.  This will NOT affect your access to any material, it will simply affect any “progress indicators” you may be used to seeing in the old site.  We’re confident this is a small sacrifice to make for the much improved user experience we intend to provide you.

We appreciate your patience during this migration and are very excited to take your experience with us to the next level.

As always, if you need anything please contact

Dr. Jeremy Steiner & The EAM Team


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