Electro Acpuncture Medicine

Redefining how we treat patients, bringing on a new level of pain management and healing techniques that you can learn in a 3 day seminar. These treatments taught by pioneers in the industry utilizing specific meridians to create chemicals in the body that may otherwise be added instead of created. Allowing the body to heal itself as it was intended to do.

What our past attendees are saying

2 Days of learning ElectroAcupuncture Medicine and Advance Auricular (European Based). I met some of the most amazing minds who learned from pioneers of Advance Integrative Medicine. I learned theory, techniques and emerging research in the field of Electo-Medicine that I can use to enhance my results for my patients. I will be able to stimulate neurotransmitters and hormones to enhance the healing effect of the body. I am so thankful to AJ Adamczyk and Jeremy Steiner for there time and knowledge for this event.
Lynn Martrell Mcphearson
KLynergy Massage & Wellness

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