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The Science of Grounding and Using Free Electrons To Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Want to use the science of grounding to aid your treatments so that you can eliminate your patient’s pain and inflammation?

It’s super simple, easy, and fast to add to your treatments. Electrically connecting to the earth will balance the electrical potential of the body!


Free mobile electrons are heavily concentrated in the earth. It can be measured to be around -20mV, similar to the electromotive force in acupuncture channels and healthy tissues.


Is it expensive or difficult to use grounding to eliminate pain and inflammation in your treatments?


It is a meager cost, all you need is to purchase some grounding mats for your treatment tables, or wrist/ankle straps will also work.


Why do we want to do all our diagnostic work before grounding a patient?


When we add benevolent qi to a patient, this will effect our diagnosis. Grounding is a type of treatment, and in general, we will want to perform all our diagnoses first before commencing treatment.


Please enjoy the video…

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc