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Use Electro Acupuncture To Electrify The Blood; A Treatment Demonstration

Watch me perform the blood electrification treatment on a real patient so you can duplicate my treatment and drastically improve your patients health.

In my previous videos I spoke about the theories and ideas about how the blood electrification treatment (BET) works. In this video I demonstrate how to actually do the treatment.

The blood electrification treatment has been shown by various sources to improve zeta potential of red blood cells, thus improving the quality of the blood. It has also been shown to reduce pathogenic load over time, meaning the amounts of virus, bacteria, and fungus contained in the blood will be reduced, and possibly even eliminated if this treatment is done diligently and consistently.

Can I perform this treatment?

If you want to use needles then you need to be a licensed practitioner in your area. If you wish to perform this treatment without needles, then you would need to purchase special equipment to enable the treatment to function properly without needles.

Is the BET good for me or my patients?

With the level of stress and toxins that humanity is exposed to on a daily basis, such as dirty EMFs, Wifi, Bluetooth, Electronic Screens, Etc… this treatment is highly beneficial for almost everyone.

Enjoy the video…

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Dr Jeremy Steiner DAOM, MSc